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Miss Michigan


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The public perception of Miss Michigan is often that it’s a one-night event, but in reality it’s so much more. This unique program is a 365-day-a-year opportunity for women to earn scholarships, grow their networks, learn valuable life and career skills, and make a difference through their social impact initiatives. The Miss Michigan Scholarship Program is committed to building the community advocates and leaders of tomorrow.

Women and volunteers from across the state have given their time, energy, and talents to bettering themselves and the communities around them. Building on their service and higher education, Miss Michigan women advance into careers ranging from elected officials and high profile lawyers to nationally recognized journalists and budding entrepreneurs. We are committed to continue helping women gain the skills and scholarships necessary to achieve their goals.

To continue providing these valuable opportunities, we need your help.

If you believe in the purpose of the Miss Michigan Scholarship Program, will you make a personal commitment to support its future?